Fuel Surcharge


Fuel surcharge is adjusted monthly, and the changes are effective from around the 15th of each month.

The fuel surcharge (per kg) at present is currently:


  • NOK 8,00

  • SEK 8,50

  • DKK 6,70


(December 15, 2014)




The fuel surcharge is applicable to all shipments, both domestic and throughout Scandinavia. In cases where we operate as agents for airlines and on their prefix, the airlines have stated that fuel surcharges will be added.


Due to continuing fuel price fluctuations we use an index-based fuel surcharge.
The surcharge is based upon the U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) prices for kerosene-type jet fuel reported by the U.S. Department of Energy, www.eia.doe.gov.


This index is a popular indicator for fuel surcharges within the Nordic Express market. By using the surcharge index we give you cost transparency.


For the reported jet fuel pricing information, please see http://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/hist/LeafHandler.ashx?n=PET&s=EER_EPJK_PF4_RGC_DPG&f=D

Index for Fuel Surcharge

Trust Forwarding calculates the fuel surcharge as follows:


  • Information on daily jet fuel prices is taken from the US Energy Information Administration web-page "US Gulf Coast Kerosene -Type Jet Fuel Spot Price FOB".

  • The values are converted to USD per metric tons, and a monthly average is calculated by the end of every month.
    The average gives the value in the index published here, and results in a surcharge per kg in USD. 






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